Everything you need to know about Android 5.1

Android 5.1

While some of us were excited for only Lollipop, Android 5.1 is making news as it begins to hit the devices. So for the starters. How is it any different? Does is bring major updates to my device? You’ll find all your answers here

Interruptions and Silent mode

The update now allows the users to set the preferences for interruptions until the alarm goes off which helps you avoid late night unnecessary buzzing. The user also has the option of selecting a “downtime” a preset after which the phone is set to normal. These settings help the user to better manage their interaction with the smartphone.

Android 5.1

Screen Pinning

Well, how many times have you felt reluctant to lend your phone to a friend who just wants to make a simple call? Because of the rare possibility he might snoop in and read your chats. Android 5.1 solves this problem the feature is called screen pinning. It is easy to set-up and prevents the users from the going away from the pinned app. All you have to do is set up screen pinning and a code. Now while lending your phone just pin that app on the screen. Your friend will only be access the app which is pinned and other actions will be effectively blocked. This can be accessed via Settings>Security

android 5.1


Android 5.1 has a new lock feature, which comes in handy in case your device has been stolen. By enabling device protection the phone remains unusable even after a factory reset. Sadly it doesn’t help you in recovering your device but the thief wont find it any good unless he has your Google account credentials.

android 5.1

Quick settings

The quick settings menu has received a touch-up in the latest version of Android. With all new animations and tweaks in WiFi and Bluetooth options. The users will now be able to access it with a help of a drop down menu instead going into the WiFi settings page.

android 5.1


Misc features

The Android 5.1 is first offering from Google which has official support for HD voice in calls. Although some carriers are still working on it, in general this should mean an overall better experience in calls. Aside from that we have some other features such as

  • Improved support for dual sim deices
  • New API’s from Google for Android 5.1 (better applications for you)
  • Better connectivity in WiFi ( The system now knows which ap provided poor or no connectivity in past)

As for the availability if you’re coming from Nexus or Motorola you might the first one to get this update. For others stay tuned with us for more info.

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