Android 7.1.2 on Meizu M2 with Substratum Theme Engine support

It has been a while since I have posted a new ROM for the Meizu M2 but since all the devices are getting Oreo update and everyone is looking forward to getting that update on their device, I thought it seem fitting to give you guys something. Sadly Meizu M2 being an old device, has little chance of getting the update so we will have to wait for it to come from the unofficial sources. However you can rest assumed that if something does pop up, you will find it on this website.

Coming back to the ROM in hand, you already have tried the usual custom ROMs present for Meizu M2. And maybe you want more in terms of customization, well here is a ROM to do just that. It is just a nougat based ROM but with an important addition of the Substratum support. On paper it just seems like a simple addition but I can ensure that it is not that simple. With the addition of the Substratum Theme Engine, you can apply various theme to your Meizu M2 and customize it to your liking. Having said that finding a theme is not that hard also as there are present in the Play Store itself.


Installation Guide

  • Ensure your device is rooted (Meizu M2)
  • Install custom recovery (TWRP)
  • Download the firmware
  • Copy the zip onto your root or the internal memory
  • Enter recovery mode (Hold power and volume + button together during the boot)
  • Navigate to the location where you placed the zip and flash it
  • Wipe dalvik and cache
  • Reboot

Helpful Articles

  1. Installation of custom recovery (TWRP)
  2. Video for installation of custom recovery
  3. Coming back from custom ROM to Flyme 

The first boot will take much longer than usual so don’t get afraid or try to interfere with it, just wait for it to do its thing. Also if you sense that the device is getting hot or is getting warm, know that its normal and temperature will come down once the process is done.

Also, this goes without saying but you need a rooted ROM for the substratum to work.

And a word of advice, make sure to create a backup before you start the whole process.

If this article helps you and you are successful in making it work then do comment and share it with others.

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