Going to buy Galaxy S7 ? Here’s something to expect.

As we all know that Samsung Galaxy S6 has been widely praised by critics for its great looks and stellar hardware and was pre-ordered in large amounts but what to expect from the next Galaxy S-series device (or Samsung Galaxy S7). Although its almost more than a year left for it to come out but here are some features you can expect :



We know that Galaxy S6 got positive reviews for its design but what do we expect when it comes to the upcoming Galaxy S-series? I would say expect the unexpected this time. Although we must know that glass & metal are going nowhere out of the league. There are a lot of new designs that Galaxy S-series is having under discussions.


There no doubt about it that Samsung offers one of the best camera features. These two features have been a prominent one since a lot of years and they too gained a lot of insight during the release of Galaxy S6.
Samsung has been using Sony camera sensor all this time in its Galaxy devices & we totally hinge upon the advancements in Sony Sensors in next few months.
The integration of an Exmor sensor with Samsung’s own devices won’t give us any surprise.


The magical & glittery Ultra-HD display has always been in lime-light for Samsung Galaxy phones. There is no hard & fast rule when it comes display of a Samsung’s Galaxy devices. It has always melted hearts of every user.
Until now the Samsung Galaxy series stick with its QHD technology. Although it won’t be a good marketing scheme in 2016 hence we can expect a glorious Super AMOLED ultra-HD (3840×2160 pixels) screen from S7.

VR technology

The next think to expect from S7 is VR technology. Since, it is one of the fastest growing and most consumed forms of entertainment in the world we know Samsung will make it work in its next S-series phone.
Although Gear VR is on its way to Samsung but it’s still a niche product with limited applications and uses (it’s a 200-dollar add-on to the Galaxy Note 4).


The magical USB-C supplying a simultaneous stream of power, data and 4K video through one slender strip will totally make it to Smasung Galaxy S7.This is about to become the standard connector for Android smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks alike in the future, and we couldn’t be happier.

Lastly, let us know in comments below what are you expecting in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S-series?

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