Lenovo A6000 to go on sale without registrations

Some of you might already be well acquainted with the mighty Lenovo A6000, for those of you who aren’t here is short video review.

While earlier people were having a a hard time getting hands on this beast, the company has announced that now the things will be a little different as they have decided to put the device on sale from March 23 to March 25 in order to meet the increasing demand of the consumers.

However it was not made clear as to the number of units being made available. So all you’ve got to do is log on to Flipkart and purchase the Lenovo A6000 just like you’d buy anything else. But take our advise it might disappear soon too just like the others.

Lenovo has made quite a sales breakthrough with this device given the manufacturer has sold devices to the tune of 1.8 LACS units. All thanks to the attractive pricing and powerful hardware.



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