Nexus 6P will be available in India starting next month

Just days ago, Google started the shipping process of their latest flagsip, Nexus 6P in the US. Now its the time for India to get the taste of the device. Its sibling Nexus 5X is already available through many sources in India so it seems fitting that the flagship should enter too.

Nexus 6P will be available in India

Originally the device was suppose to begin shipping on October 21 but there were some background issues which prevented that from happening. But now they are trying to restart the process in November.

P. Sanjeev, Vice President Sales of Huawei confirms this saying:

“Our supply chain is working on priority to fulfill the demand and the smartphones will be shipped out in batches,”

“The first batch of the smartphone will be available in India starting first week of November. We are working closely with Flipkart and our retail partners on the availability of the smartphones to the Nexus 6P fans.”

The device will be available through Flipkart, a popular Indian online retailer and will cost around INR 39,999 ($615) for the 32GB version and INR 42,999 ($660) for 64GB variant.

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