Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Indian price confirmed

With the release of Latest Samsung flagship devices at the MWC namely Samsung galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Indian fans have been patiently waiting for any official news on the same. Samsung has now confirmed the release in Indian market of both the devices.


Pricing of Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will cost Rs 49,900 for the 32GB version whereas the S6 Edge counterpart will be priced at Rs58,900. The 64GB and 128GB variants are bound to set you back by Rs 64,900 and Rs 70,900 respectively.

These devices are all set to hit Indian stores by 10th April and users can expect to the pre-orders to open this Monday.Samsung has various benefits lined up for the users who pre-book the devices such as screen replacement and payback points in case of any scheme launched by the Samsung in future.




The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both have a Sharp 5.1 quad HD Super Amoled display, with an eye popping pixel density of 577ppi. The major difference being the S6 EDGE supports dual-edge display. Both these beasts run on the latest offering by the Google’s Lollipop and run on 64-bit octa-core processors along with 3 Gigs of Ram.

Samsung has chosen a 16-Mp rear shooter with OIS (that would be Optical image stabilization). The front of these galaxy monsters is equipped with 5 MP  camera. Those of you who are already aware of the interface of the galaxy devices would know about the additional features of the Samsung camera like tracking AF,Slow MO,selective focus to name a few.

For the privacy freaks who want their device to be solely exclusive , Samsung has now included a fingerprint scanner which is touch-type in nature. Say no to sliding your finger awkwardly at the home button.

Users will also get free cloud storage for a period of 2 years of 115 on OneDrive.


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