Xiaomi Mi 4s vs Xiaomi Mi 4 : Design Comparison

Xiaomi is one of the leading Chinese manufacturer who is trying to spread its wings over the world. And the journey for that start with its devices like Xiaomi Mi 3 and Mi 4. Since the release of those device, the company has been providing excellent service in the updates department along with service department. And now it has been two years since the launch of Mi 4 and the Chinese company has released its successor Mi 5 but along with that they have also released an upgrade to Mi 4 as Xiaomi Mi 4S. So, now we take closer look at some design differences between this new Mi 4S and old Mi 4.



This is where it started with a stainless steel machined frame around the sides with the back made out of plastic. The back can be replaced with different finishes, such as wood, bamboo, marble, fabric, leather, etc. But the usual one were the black and white.




Xiaomi Mi 4s vs Xiaomi Mi 4_11


But the Mi 4S comes with a more premium design language with a glass panel build for both the back and front and the sides featuring the sleek metal framing. The device is also slimmer compared to the Mi 4 (8.9 mm) with only 7.8 mm thick which decreases its weight to 133 grams.



Xiaomi Mi 4s vs Xiaomi Mi 4Xiaomi Mi 4s vs Xiaomi Mi 4_7

Looking at the back, in Mi 4 you will find a 13 MP rear shooter with f/1.8 aperture with a single LED flash but with Mi 4S we see many additions. As it features a 13 MP camera with f/2.0 aperture with a dual tone LED flash and not to forget the circular fingerprint reader.

Xiaomi Mi 4s vs Xiaomi Mi 4_3

At the front of both the device you will find not much changes with touch capacitive buttons following the same design and sequence. But you will notice a slight change in the position of the camera and proximity sensors.

Xiaomi Mi 4s vs Xiaomi Mi 4_6


The most important and awaited feature that has been added to the Mi 4S is the addition of MicroSD slot for expansion of storage which is up to 128 GB. But if addition storage does not interests you then maybe the option of inserting another SIM would as unlike the Mi 4 which was single SIM, this device comes with dual SIM capabilities.




Xiaomi Mi 4s vs Xiaomi Mi 4_9




And to end this all up, unlike the Mi 4 which was only present in black and white variants, Mi 4S will have Black, White, Gold, Pink variants.






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