El Capitan OS’s Window Management


El Capitan (OS X 10.11) is the new operating system from Apple, which was revealed in the WWDC 2015 conference. This is the improved version of OS X, takes the functionality to the new level. One of the major improvement is done in the Window Management.

Window Management


OS X was an advanced operating system which had lots of different features and functionalities like switching between windows and swipe gestures for different options and flexibility.

Mission Control in OS X helps us to work with different windows which increases the multitasking. But, now with El Capitan you can simply swipe up on the track pad and see all the windows open on the same screen at one time.

Functionality of the mail is also been improved. Now, you can take a picture, photo or a link from one mail and drag to the another and compose a new mail with that picture or photo. And, this you can also be done with any website. Just click on the content in the website and drag it to the mail. You can open multiple tabs in the compose window if you want.

El Capitan with Split Window Functionality


Now, you can make the use of your full screen when it comes to multitasking. For example, there are 2 windows open. And, you wish to see both the windows at the same time. You can simply divide the screen into 2 or resize it and work together in both the windows without any problem. This is the great way for multi-tasking and to make the best use of the screen.

What do you think about these features? And if you have used the feature do share your views with us.

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