Improved News app in Apple

Apple introduced a News app ios9_newsfor article reading and getting updates about your favorite topics like sports, games, technology, science and lifestyle. Publishers like New York Times will be directly publishing their content in the app and will be able to make some revenue from ads in the app.

When you open the app, the first screen that pop-up will be “Pick Your Favorite”. In this window, you will see all the different categories from which you can select your topic of interest. Once you have selected your favorite category. The app organize all your selection and personalize your feeds.

The content in the News looks great with detailed images providing a pleasant viewing experience. You can get articles from anywhere and organize them according to your time and preferences. The articles are live and active, meaning animations are provided to increase the interest of the readers and making reading a joyful experience.

Now, there is no need to go back to read another articles. You can simply swipe on the screen to scroll between the articles. You can also bookmark the links to read them later. News is being collected from top sources so that you don’t need to move from app to app in search of the content you want or information you desire.

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