Maps improvements in Apple iOS9

iOS 9 came with a tons of improvement from UI to apps and with keeping in mind the privacy of the users, Apple has tried to make things from intelligent by providing useful updates to apps, people use the most. And Maps is among those apps which people use daily to searching for easiest routes to save time.

Apple Maps Apple Maps has improved significantly from the past experience by continuously getting better as people use it. Now, you can search for freeways, roads, subway stations more easily with a feature called Public Transit. Transit is an advance version of finding direction, restaurants, cafes, hotels and providing accurate information of the place according to your location. For example, you want to the see the most convenient way to reach your home. You simply need to open Maps, and type your location and search the directions from your current location. Maps will directly provide you all the transit by which you can reach to your home i.e metro, bus, subway station, near lanes and along with that, it also provide the timing for all the working stations. So that you never miss your transport.

It also comes with a new Nearby feature, which lets to see all the places around in categories of food, drinks, shopping and even provide ratings so you can decide where to go. And not just that under food you will find popular, restaurants, groceries, fast food joints, cafés, bakeries, and all different type of places so you can decide accordingly where you wanna go and Maps tell you how?

Transit facility is now available in location like Baltimore, New York, Berlin, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Toronto, Mexico City, Washington DC, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Xian, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Shanghai and many more. And it will continue to spread and get better.

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