Apple first introduced METAL in iOS 8 for better graphics and gaming. As, Metal is designed for the low-level accelerated graphics which increases the performance and consume less power.

Apple claims that, there new Metal improvement will have

  • Upto 4x acceleration
  • Upto 2x faster apps switching
  • Time to get the 1st message is 2x faster
  • Upto 4x faster opening PDF
  • Upto 10x faster drawing performance

Apple comes with some architectural improvement to METAL with the release of OS El Capitan. It accelerate the performance of heavy duty games with OpenGL and OpenCL which will increase the performance of API directly.

Apple claims that the rendering performance will goes upto 50%. And, also a 40% decrease in CPU usage, which will improve the rendering efficiency and better battery life.

Adobe experimented with METAL and experienced a 8x increase in rendering effects and faster graphics. Now, with improved UI, gaming experience will be much more snappier and smoother.



Josh Adams & Bill bram unleashed the power of METAL in WWDC 2015. They tested the METAL performance on the game name “FortNight” and the performance and graphics were very impressive. As, there were 64 different rendering effects with 70% reduction in CPU usage, and different types of modes added special effect in the gaming experience. The UI handles the graphics so well that the pictures look very crisp and detailed.

METAL opens the gate of possibilities for gamers and game developers. Developers can download the Beta version from today. While the public beta will be coming up by July. And, free upgrade will be available this fall.

Stay tuned for more info.

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