Notes improvements in Apple iOS9

The app “Notes” has been used by the almost all the iPhone users for making quick reminders or notes. Now, with iOS9 it will be more informative, attractive and even more content based.

Now, the handy tool bars are provided in the app itself, so that you can have direct access to them. For example while creating a note for yourself, you want to add a picture for graphic information. What you can do is, simply tab on the camera roll and can take a picture instantly and attach it to your note.
Now, you can even check mark your tasks by simply tapping on the task which you have already completed. This is a simplified way, to keep the completed work information separate from the uncompleted.
Further more you can even make sketches into your notes itself. You can create drawings by finger and attach it to the notes which is as simple as drawing it on a sheet of the paper.
Now from creating task list to creating a recipe to follow, the Notes app is capable of doing it all.

Do share with us for what things you are using the notes? or what changes you want it to have?

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