Payment through Apple Pay

Apple has released a new way to pay while you are shopping or paying to any merchants i.e by Apple Pay. This is the most private and secure way to pay on the outlets without carrying your cards like Credit cards, debit cards etc.

 Apple pay
Now, you can carry all your card in the Wallet which is an app created by Apple. Its one place for all your credit cards, boarding passes and many more. So how does it work? Lets take an example, you are going to the restaurant and you want to pay via Apple pay. Simply put your iPhone over the reader panel and enable your security method by fingerprint scanner. And pay instantly. It is that easy and you can do all this without compromising your security.
Popular stores like Baskin Robbin, KFC, McDonald, Warriors and small businesses like Square have started to accept the Apple Pay for the payment. Not only this, the new applications which are coming will also support Apple pay. With Apple Pay already available for U.S and UK with more countries to join in due time.
This automatic payment makes it easier to carry all your card and that too on your iPhone which is with you most of the time and doing this will enable you to never miss a reward (if present on your card).

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