Review: iOS 9 Siri

Apple CEO, Tim Cook revealed the new iOS9 in the WWDC event where they called it “the most advanced mobile operating system”. While Apple senior vice-president, Craig Federighi introduced iOS9 as a vision for new possibilities and great opportunities for the developers to make such applications which can change the entire user experience.


But one of the main upgrades or improvement was the new Siri which now has become pro-active assistant. This means that it will analyses your information on daily basis and store it for future use to make things easiler for you. Your location, time of stay, application you are viewing all will be monitored and controlled by Siri without even touching your device. And it will set reminders where it thinks necessary.
Apple has improved the Siri voice, which now sounds more natural and accurate. Apple claims, that Siri is 40% more accurate and 40% more faster. And with this improvement, battery consumption has also improved. Now, you can go through the day without worrying about the battery life.

Siri 1
Siri will now tell you when to leave for your meeting according to the climate and traffic condition. And you can plan for your upcoming appointments, meeting or any event accordingly.

siri 2
Searching for your photos has also become very easy. For example, if you want to see the photos of last night party. Simply say, “hey, Siri. Please show the photos of last night party”. And, Siri will automatically display all the party photos on the screen instantly. Everything is so simple and easy. This improvement not only save your time, but also changes the whole experience and the way you interact with your device.
Siri is even more smarter to automatically load a function. For example, when you are looking at a webpage on Safari. And, you want to create a reminder about what you are reading or you just want to read it some other time. Simply say, “hey, Siri. Remind me about this later” and Siri will quickly make a reminder and remind you in future about the page you were seeing, which is neat.

Siri 3
Let’s suppose, you are going for gym at 6 am, in the morning. So, the moment you plug in your earphones into your iPhone. Your favorite track will automatically start playing without you doing anything.

Siri 4
Now, iOS will be more content aware like Google Now. Just like Google Now had cards containing information, Siri also provide information according to the data it has been collecting and provide you all the information from contacts to news.

Siri 5
Also the search has become even more intense. For example, you want to search for “orange”. Simply, open the spotlight and write orange. And, all the content related with orange will display on your screen instantly like apps, webpages, contacts, web search and not only that it will search it within the apps to give you a deeper search results.

Siri 6

Someone is calling and you don’t know who is calling. Well now Siri will look through your emails, messages and other sources to find those number it is and suggest you the name.
All these new features are great additions. Everything is so well managed, that there is also no security issue. Your privacy will never be compromised. So you can be carefree that your data is safe.
All these improvement in Siri, will open new gates toward making your device more interactive, then ever before.

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