WatchOS 2 launched recently in WWDC 2015

Watch OS 2

Apple revealed the new OS for watch i.e Watch OS 2 in the WWDC 2015 event. The new OS is fully loaded with all new features and improvements, and also brings huge possibility for the developers. The OS 2, also comes up with significant improvement in health and fitness sector.

Some key features of the OS are :

  • Time piece : Time piece changes the face of the watch according to your mood and choice. You can also create your own photo and make it watch face or you can just select your album photos to be your watch face which will automatically show the pictures of the album.
  • Complications : Complications are the information present on the screen of your watch face, like the upcoming calendar events. But now with watchOS 2, the apps from App Store can also act as a complication like now you can use a news app to get latest updates right on your screen.
  • Time travel : You can also do time travel and see in the future with the help of your watch. For example, you have a flight which will leave at 9 am. And, you wish to leave to the airport on time so that you don’t miss your flight. So, what you can do is rotate the crown of watch and see when you need to reach leave your work place to reach the airport on time.

Watch OS 2

  • Night view : Now, you can also transform your Apple Watch into an alarm clock. When your watch is at charging mode at night it will take the landscape orientation and behave just like an alarm clock.
  • Communication : In previous version, you were restricted to 8 friends but now, with OS 2 you can add more i.e now it can hold up to 12 contacts.
  • Digital Touch : Digital touch brings drawing directly to your watch i.e now you can draw and share that drawing with other users by attaching it to an email.
  • Navigation : Siri has made navigation more interactive, and step-by-step direction can help you reach any location without any trouble.
  • Now, you can play audio via bluetooth and also watch videos on your Apple Watch.
  •  VW app : You can lock your car and get a lock sound on your watch to ensure that its locked and also see the status of your car directly on it.
  • Apple pay : Now Apple Pay is also available in the watch which means, that payment to your merchants can be done though your watch.

These are some of the features of the new watchOS 2. Developers can download the beta version directly while public beta will be available by July. And, the free update will be available this fall.

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