• Android
    Custom ROMs for Meizu M2

    Meizu M2, the smaller brother of M2 Note has been receiving a lot of attention from the developers as a lot of custom ROMs are now available for it. So, here a list of those ROMs and links from where you can download them. Also, you will find some links to pages which will help […]

  • Android
    Another Flyme global release for Meizu devices: Flyme

    It was three months back that Meizu released the global version of Flyme OS, and ever since they have been releasing the YunOS ROMs which had made people think if there will be any Android based Flyme ROM or not. And now finally they have their answer as the company released the next version with Flyme The update is […]

  • How Tos
    Updated TWRP 3.0 recovery for Meizu M2

    If you are here, then you must be knowing what does a ‘custom recovery’ means and why do we need it. So, I will skip the explaining part but if you need information about how to get to the level where you can flash a custom ROM then here is the link. The previous version […]

  • Comparison
    Edge vs Opera : Which is better for the battery?

    Just a few days back, Microsoft started a promotional campaign where they compared their Edge browser with competing products such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera and concluded that Edge lasts the longest when it comes to emptying the battery life. The video shows that Chrome empties the test laptop’s battery after 4 hours and 19 minutes, Firefox after […]

  • Gadgets
    HP Spectre 13.3 will be available in India starting June 25

    If you have been keeping a keen eye on the tech news then the name HP Spectre won’t be new to you but if you haven’t then Spectre is the latest laptop from HP which has taken the title of ‘world’s thinnest laptop’. HP took up the stage in the New York Times International Luxury Conference back in […]

  • How Tos
    How to create a bootable USB for MacOS Sierra (hackintosh)?

    On June 13, MacOS Sierra was unveiled at the WWDC and with it brings some great new features including the most awaited introduction of Siri to the desktop environment. Finally you can search over voice like you do on your iPhone or iPad. But that is not all as it has some handy features to add to it’s list of […]

  • How Tos
    Solution: Lost the stock recovery of Meizu M1 Note

    If for some reason you have bricked your M1 Note or you can not boot in the recovery mode, then you my friend have lost the stock recovery of your device. And as serious as this problem may seem, the solution for it is quite easy and short. A simple flashing of the recovery will solve that but remember […]

  • How Tos
    Custom ROM for Meizu M2: SmartySenseRom V 1.0

    Meizu has released several great devices but the support for their custom ROMs and Mods is quite low as these devices are not available globally. But that does not mean that there is no-one out there making anything for the device. This article will concentrate on the custom ROM named SmartySenseRom which is based on the stock Flyme […]

  • Android
    Another test firmware for Meizu M2 : Flyme OS

    After Meizu released the global stable ROM for M2, they are back on releasing their beta version for the testers. The build version has changed from Flyme OS to Flyme OS and just like the previous versions, this update is also a bug fixer i.e it does not include any new features. Changelog Set up Optimization: checked […]

  • Apple
    Why does Apple provide two options to answer your calls?

    As an Apple user you may be familiar with the images below. Interestingly so, both of these do the same thing i.e. answer the call. So, why have the American multinational technology company, Apple provided these two options of doing the same thing? Well the answer is kind of simple. The two option of answering […]