• Mobiles
    Coship Mobile Moly X1 now available for sale in EU at Amazon UK

    Coship Mobile, Microsoft Partner in developing and producing Windows mobile phones has launched Moly X1 which is now available for the sale in European Union. The customers can buy it online from the Amazon UK, where it is sold through a third party seller. Moly X1 will set you back with £259.99 or €325. On paper, Moly X1 was […]

  • News
    Microsoft Lumia 650 now available in India

    Microsoft Lumia 650 is now available for purchasing in the Indian market after the company launched it in the month of February this year. Microsoft Lumia 650, following the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, runs on Windows 10 Mobile. This mid-range device will come with a 5 inch 720p display and with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 212 chipset with a […]

  • News
    A look at the new Start menu for Windows 10

    As the Windows 10 Anniversary Update comes near, we have on popular request, a new Start menu for the OS which will come with the “All Apps” list to the front, along with the Settings and Account options in a hamburger menu. Microsoft’s Jen Gentleman posted a short GIF on Twitter giving a glimpse of how it will […]

  • Rumors
    A new video showing the Mix View Live Tiles in action leaked

    There were rumors about Microsoft once working on what they called “Mix View Live Tiles” that would “explode” when touched and provide additional information related to the tile you touched. The testing for the concept was done on the McLaren’s flagship Windows Phone but sadly, the project was shut down in July of 2014. Now, we have 3D touch from […]

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    Microsoft Lumia 650 seen listed on Amazon India

    After Microsoft Lumia 650 sees the face of United States and Canada, its ready to come to India as it was found listed on Amazon’s India website. Starting April 30, the device will be available locally too. As you would know that it is available for $199 in US and CAD 199 in Canada but in India the price tag is […]

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    Microsoft Lumia 650 is now available in US and Canada

    Microsoft Lumia 650 is now available in the US and Canada for purchasing after being three-week on the pre-order period. In February, Microsoft unveiled Lumia 650 and now the buyers can acquire it for $199 in US and CAD 199 in Canada. The US and Canada people can buy their Windows 10 powered device by ordering it online on the Microsoft’s online […]

  • News
    Reddify, a new third-party Reddit app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

    Windows 10 PC and Mobile users have been living without an official Reddit app but thanks to many third-party apps which are present in the Windows Store, they can get-by easily. And now they have even more choices with the release of a new third-party Reddit app, Reddify. Here is the log for the features: Four different view options […]

  • News
    Microsoft officially releases the Windows 10 Mobile for older devices

    All the Windows Phone users who were not in the Insider program, their wait is finally over as Microsoft has at last released the Windows 10 Mobile for the older devices. The build which will be made available for the users is the Windows 10 Mobile 10586.164 which was just tested by the Insiders and given […]