Facebook Lite vs Facebook : Comparison

If you have been using Facebook app for some while then you would know how much processing power it takes and how much battery it drains. And Facebook admits that but instead of cutting down on the app itself they have provided us with a completely different app known as Facebook Lite. This app is way smaller in size and is a cut-down version of Facebook but how does it compete with the original Facebook app and what UI changes have been done by the company in the app. To answer all these question we have made this comparison showing the similarities and differences between both the apps.

 FacebookFacebook Lite
SizeFacebook Lite vs FacebookFacebook Lite vs Facebook_1
Loading ScreenFacebook Lite vs Facebook_18Facebook Lite vs Facebook_8
Login ScreenFacebook Lite vs Facebook_2Facebook Lite vs Facebook_10
News FeedFacebook Lite vs Facebook_5Facebook Lite vs Facebook_11
MessagesFacebook Lite vs Facebook_20Facebook Lite vs Facebook_21
MenuFacebook Lite vs Facebook_7Facebook Lite vs Facebook_13
NotificationsFacebook Lite vs Facebook_6Facebook Lite vs Facebook_12
Your HomeFacebook Lite vs Facebook_4Facebook Lite vs Facebook_24
Your PagesFacebook Lite vs Facebook_3Facebook Lite vs Facebook_15
ChatFacebook Lite vs Facebook_19Facebook Lite vs Facebook_14
SettingsFacebook Lite vs Facebook_23Facebook Lite vs Facebook_22

That should give you a good idea about what you are getting into by using either Facebook Lite or Facebook but the last thing about both the apps is the RAM they are taking to run or function as it would be.

Facebook Lite vs Facebook_9

So, if you don’t have memory to spare then Facebook Lite is the app for you but if you care about the eye candy that comes with original Facebook app then you know your choice too but do remember that you will have to install the Messenger app along with that if you want to see your messages or chat with anyone else.

So, tell us which app are you using and why?

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