Upcoming Smartphones of 2016,That You Should Look Out For

When it comes to technology, if I say that it changes like the speed of light then I may not be wrong. The tech world is changing so fast that it is hard to keep up, companies are pushing all boundaries and further more to provide the high end specs on the handheld devices. So, as the year 2015 is ending we have seen some great devices from the expected companies and some from unexpected. But they all have one thing in common, great specs. Yes, now smartphones may as well be packing more power than some of the PCs and laptops out there.

After having the year with Galaxy S6, S6 edge and S6 edge plus from Samsung, Mi 5 (expected to release in November) from Xiaomi, OnePlus 2 from OnePlus, iPhone 6,6 Plus,6s,6s Plus from Apple, Zenfone 2 from Asus, Nexus 5X and 6P from Google and the list goes on and on.

What to expect from the future or in other words from 2016? What addition can we expect? Will we have some mind blowing specs on the devices with 2K or 4K displays roaming around or will the companies find something else to add to attract the consumers? This is something we will know for sure in the next year 2016 but we can always see the curve and make assumption of what’s to come. Below you will find what can be the next flagship device of 2016.

Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

Smartphones of 2016 (Apple iPhone 7)

Apple has always been in limelight because of its huge fan following. Every year, they release the next generation of iPhone and people get crazy over it. All this being said, the company has always tried to innovate more and more features in their devices which many users fancies. So here are some expect changes:

  • Apple may not change the display size from 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes as they just introduced these sizes.
  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus came with 12Mp iSight camera which is an improvement from 8Mp in the iPhone 6, so chances of Apple not changing this, is also high.
  • Improved A10 processor with embedded M10 motion co-processor.
  • RAM may improve to 3GB or may stay with 2GB that came with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
  • Will come with iOS 10 pre-installed which we can expect to release at WWDC in June 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Smartphones of 2016 (Samsung Galaxy S7)

Samsung like Apple has been releasing their next generation of flagship every year under their Galaxy S series. With the release of Galaxy S6, S6 edge and S6 edge plus from the company, the bar is set high for the next member that will join this series. But in the world of Android, Samsung is still ahead from other OEMs out there and their device has become daily drivers for many people out there. Here are some expect specs:

  • Display: 5-inch QHD SuperAMOLED display
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with CPU clocked at 3GHz, Adreno 530
  • Storage: 16GB/64GB variant with MicroSD support upto 128GB
  • Other Features: fingerprint scanner and heart-rate montor like the predecessor


Smartphones of 2016 (lg-g5)

LG was never behind when we talk about companies that make flagship devices. The G series of the company whose latest member is G4 has been packing some competing specs in the smartphone. The G4 comes with a 5.5-inch Quad HD (1440 x 2560) display so you can expect LG to either increase the screen to 5.6-inches or more in G5. There are also chances that it may come with a 4K display but that kind of resolution on a 5.5-inch form factor does not make sense. Maybe the battery will take a jump from 3000mAh found in G4 to something bigger so it can handle the bigger display or resolution. Also there has been rumours about the Korean company working with another company called Irience to bring an iris scanner to its next flagship phone.

HTC One M10

Smartphones of 2016 (htc-one-m10)

HTC has been a little behind when it comes to other companies out there in some areas like screen or display. Even the latest HTC One M9 comes with the FullHD rather than Quad HD and this is a downside when compared that now companies are looking towards the 4K display. The company has been trying to give their devices a different look from its rivals but looks can only get you so far. So we expect this to change in the future, with the introduction of QHD display in the picture or maybe 4K directly, to stay in the market. Coming to specs, we can see the next devices coming with the Snapdragon 820 processor which is better in performance when compared with 810 model and also doesn’t heat as much.

And if the company does come forward and provide a higher resolution display, the availability of a bigger battery becomes a must, so a 3,500mAh backup should be a good start to work with. Also to make it more feature packed, wireless charging should be added with fast charging.

These are some of the expect devices to make into the market in 2016 but we shouldn’t forget about companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus which are trying to enter markets outside China and have also made progress in doing so. Both have been able to provide great specs smartphone at a competing price which is a welcomed idea. And not to mention some other Chinese companies like Meizu are also trying to do what these companies have already done.

So possibilities of a lot of progress is there in 2016 and we will have our eyes open for them.

Do share with us your ideas about these futuristic smartphones or what changes you think should be made by companies to perform better?

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