Smart Glass Technology

GlassGlass Technology has an enormous possibilities of changing the world with its limitless potential. As, we already have seen the new technological improvements in that area as OLED and Curved Displays. But this was just the beginning of what wonders, a thin sheet of glass can do.

The new technology of 3D cutting of glass is evolving, which enable us to cut the glass in a more sophisticated form to get more complex 3D structure. Robert Ireson, Innovation Team Leader at GTS said,

It is difficult to produce small, complex, 3D shapes to a high degree of precision using conventional glass processing technology. It is hoped that the novel laser process will have minimal energy input, with the option of controlling certain optical properties. Customised 3D shapes can be manufactured with this non-contact process in a short time frame, with high precision and minimum waste, meeting extensive demand across the industry for flexible, energy-efficient production of glass component, particularly for the use in the photonic application, including lasers and sensors.


Our scientist are working very hard, to make the display more durable, highly efficient and extremely touch sensitive. Highly sensitive glass will become live and can detect even the slightest change in the atmosphere. For example, glass become clear in day and darker at night by sensing the change in the surrounding.

If the glass is made tough enough, it can be use at flame burner replacing traditional gas stoves. And, we can even adjust the heat rate i.e. boiling and cooling temperatures can be adjustable just by a finger touch.

And a flexible glass has the tendency to accumulate the electrical charge and can support response by finger touch. All this can be possible if architectural improvements were to be made in glass displays. And these glass can further replace displays in the phones, TV, computers etc. Which would mean thinner and thinner gadgets.

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