Top 5 Routers till date

We all cant live without internet, you are even reading this because of the internet and routers are a major part of that system which provides you with that internet but which is the best one? Well here are some of the router that can cater to all your needs from gaming to streaming and also add some extra security to your network.

Here is our list of top 5 routers till date:

D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi DIR-890L/R Router


D-Link AC3200 features Tri band technology which will help you connet with all the wireless and USB devices instantly. It comes with ultra fast speed that goes up to 3.2 Gbps, which not only best in terms of performance but, also best for the heavy gaming.

Key Features :

  1. Performance : Speed is insanely fast and best suited for 24*7 signal strength because of the 6 High performance external antennas which is powering the device for better coverage.
  2. Bandwidth : It intelligently manages the traffic while using band technology for providing best Wi-Fi experience. The technology named, Smart Connect is used which automatically connects to all the devices and provide best suitable bandwidth for the best connection.
  3. Advanced AC SmartBeam : Tracks your connected devices for better Wi-Fi speed and range. This will improve the streaming of HD content, surfing web, playing online games, downloading files etc from anywhere.
  4. Remote Access & Management : Manage your network remotely by devices like tablet, phone etc.
  5. Tri-Band Wi-Fi Technology : Two 5GHz that speeds up to 1300Mbps and one 2.4 GHz with speeds upto 600Mbps are the maximum band speed provided for each device. This will improve the gaming experience and the streaming for the HD content.
  6. 1 GHz Dual Processor : Increases the network speed for powerful experience. This will ultimately improve the gaming and media streaming.
  7. Security : Have more control over your network security by enabling features like parental control, blocking unwanted devices that want to gain access, monitoring your daily internet activities and creating Wi-Fi guest networks.


Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless Gigabit Router


Asus introduced, RT-AC3200 for faster data rates and smooth gaming experience. This router comes with Asus latest AiProtection and Aicloud 2.0 built in for providing strongest security possible.

Key features :

  1. Intelligent Tri-band Technology : RT-AC3200 comes with tri-band 802.11ac and the technology that is being used is Tri-Band Smart Connect which is intelligent enough to automatically maximize the performance of each and every wireless device. It’s a triple band device featuring Two 5GHz bands providing 2600 Mbps speed and one 2.4GHz band providing 600 Mbps speed. It promises seamless gaming experience with its great speed and smooth video streaming.
  2. Hardware : 6 external High-performance antennas are provided for stronger signal strength. Device comes with two 802.11ac network, each with 3 transmit, and 3 receive (3×3) antenna configuration. This will allow more devices to connect and provide each device best signal strength.
  3. Compatibility : RT-AC3200 has been tested efficiently during its development. The device works smoothly with variety of adaptors, media players and other wireless devices to provide best user experience. It supports features like Time Machine, WPS, VPN etc.
  4. Powerful Interface : It features the enhanced ASUSWRT graphical user interface, which gives easy access through 3-step web-based installation process. As, ASUSWRT is web-based interface, so it doesn’t require separate app to work. Features like Adaptive QoS, Traffic Analyzer, Network map are also available
  5. Security : AiProtection security from Trend Micro is provided in RT-AC3200, which gives enterprise-level security.


NetGear R8000 Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit Wireless Router


The NetGear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Wi-Fi Router comes with Tri-Band Wi-Fi Technology, delivers Wi-Fi speed upto 3.2Gbps. It comes with 3 Wi-Fi bands, Smart Connect Intelligence and Dynamic QoS Technology for faster speed and most reliable connection.

Key Features :

  1. Dynamic QoS : An intelligent technology been used in NetGear Nighthawk X6 AC3200. QoS intelligently allocates bandwidth to all the devices so that there is no performance lag in gaming and also reduces the buffer time.
  2. Processing : The NetGear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Wi-Fi Router comes with 1GHz dual core processor and 3 offload processors which boost wireless which internally improves the processing power and helps to run the heavy application seamlessly like gaming, HD media etc.
  3. Speed :  Speed providis up to 3.2Gbps which is insanely fast for excellent gaming and streaming videos.
  4. Wi-Fi Range : The NetGear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 is so beautifully designed that the Wi-Fi coverage is stronger enough to covers all the corner of the home. Powerful Antennas and Beamforming boosts the speed, reliability and range.
  5. Sharing : To add fun, NetGear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 comes with 1 Superfast USB 3.0 ports, ReadySHARE Vault, DLNA, ReadySHARE Printer, Personal FTP server etc.
  6. Security : The NetGear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 provides high security and ensure that your privacy & control stay safe and secure. It safeguard the network by its Parental control and Secure Wi-Fi connections services. And, other features like VPN, Guest Network Access, Personal FTP server are also provided.


Apple AirPort Time Capsule


Apple promised that AirPort Time Capsule comes with 3 times faster Wi-Fi (802.11 ac) then its old version AirPort Express. And, provided the Storage of upto 3TB for backup of the data.

Key Features :

  1. Automatic Wireless Backup: As the name suggest, you can backup the data from all your devices automatically and wirelessly. Its also works with Time Machine in OS X to backup your Mac. It stores photos, files, songs, apps and even the setting of the OS X Leopard or later.
  2. Storage : It comes in 2TB or 3TB hard drive which can easily store upto 250 – 250,000 songs.
  3. Wi-Fi Base Station : Apple claims that with latest 3-stream 802.11ac technology, the data speed rate reaches up to 1.3 Gbps which is 3 times faster then standard then the previous 802.11n model. Range extend up to double the channel bandwidth with 80MHz. It also features a simultaneous dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi ( i.e 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time).
  4. Design : Apple AirPort Time Capsule is designed in the shape of rectangular cylindrical body. Apple designed the capsule in such a manner that all the antennas are laid on the top of the capsule. 6 antennas are provided for stronger signal strength with 802.11ac wireless Technology. And, hard drive are laid at the bottom part so intelligently, that it saves desk space which is 75% smaller than its predecessor.
  5. Setup : One-Click setup is provided in Apple AirPort Time Capsule which is very easy and convenient to install. Setup Assistant is build into iOS devices and Airport Utility on OS X devices. Just plug in to AirPort Time Capsule wirelessly or cable, it will work instantly. You can also manage your Wi-Fi network and can monitor the usage.
  6. Sharing : With 2TB or 3TB of storage you can share your content easily and also can turn any external USB hard drive into another secure drive to share your Wi-Fi network. All the files, documents, video, photos etc can be stored at one place easily and conveniently. Printer without wire is also a great sharing feature provided into the AirPort Time Capsule, simply plug and start printing instantly.
  7. Compatibility and security : Built-in Firewall is provided in the Apple AirPort Time Capsule that increases the data protection from malicious attacks. Once Firewall is setup it automatically start guarding your network. Guest Networking feature is provided to separate Wi-Fi network for the guest users. A guest network allows access only to the internet, so your primary network like external hard drive, printer and other LAN devices remain secure.




Asus RT-AC87U is a power web solution for surfing web, playing gaming, streaming HD videos etc. Features like dual WAN support allow you to configure 2 separate internet connections on the same router. Easy 3-step setup is simple as never before. Just plug the cables and follow simple setup wizard and get started.

Key Features :

  1. User Friendly interface : Asus RT-AC87U comes with 3-step web-based installation process in 30-second. It is a web-based installation, so it doesn’t need a separate application to run.
  2. Adaptive QoS : It optimizes the bandwidth intelligently to all the devices so that applications and media can work flawlessly without a lag in gaming, media streaming, web browsing etc. It can detect up to 16 different devices at a same time.
  3. Traffic Analyzer : It analyzes all the traffic on your network on daily, weekly or monthly bases. You can see and manage each user, device or application on the your network. Parental control feature is also been provided to check your children activities.
  4. AiProtection : This is 3-pronged security from Trend Micro, which gives enterprise-level security. It provide the best security for your network over the internet. Features like Web Reputation and App Patrol technology protect you from inappropriate website and apps.
  5. Security : Asus Guest Network supports up to separate guest network for each band user with its separate limits and password. Features like VPN etc is also been provided so that your data remain safe and stop hackers for gaining access to your network.
  6. Multi-function USB ports : Features like 3G/4G sharing, file sharing, printer sharing, Backup of data are easier and convenient to use.



Now the decision is yours, all the routers above are best in their class but which one do you want is up to you. Do share with us if we missed something or which one would you prefer and why?

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