Installation Guide: TWRP recovery Meizu M2

Whenever we buy a new device, it comes with a new interface, new UI and what not…. but for some it is not far when they start to envy what other devices have or just prefer some other UI or interface than what comes already installed. And it is there the story of custom ROMs and ported ROMs started and if you are on this page then you want them for your Meizu M2. And this post provides a simple guide which you can use to install the TWRP recovery on your Meizu M2, which is one step closer to the installation of the custom ROMS.

WARNING: If you have stumbled here accidentally or have no idea about what is a recovery or TWRP then I would suggest don’t move ahead and do some more research as following this path means risks and a lot of them. Risks in a way that could turn to your Meizu M2 into a paper weight. There is no kidding involved here……

TWRP recovery Meizu M2

The whole process of flashing the TWRP recovery can be divided into two main steps:

  1. Unlocking the bootloader
  2. Installing the custom recovery (which here is TWRP)

Downloads needed for the process:


  1. AdbDriverInstaller
  2. Adb+key
  3. Terminal_1.0.70
  4. BusyBox
  5. ADB
  6. + twrp_2.8.7.0.img


Try to follow the steps to the ‘T’ as any wrong move could mean replacement of the motherboard. Also, before you start, you should root your Meizu M2 (steps of which you can found online or you can contact me).

Things to remember:

  • You should be on the Flyme OS 4.5.4I and not on the Flyme 5.
  • Enable the USB debugging while your device is connected to the PC.
  • Your device should be rooted with SuperSU present.

Once you are all done with downloading the things needed, lets start with the process:

  •  Download and install the AdbDriverInstaller and the Adb + key on your PC and laptop along with the drivers for your Meizu M2.
  • Download the Busy Box and install it with root permission.
  • Download and install the Terminal app with root permission.
  • Copy the “unlock” to the root directory of the device.
  • Run the Terminal app.
  • Type “su” and allow the root privileges.
  • Further type “sh /sdcard/”
  • Unpack the files present inside the “ADB” folder in the C: drive.
  • Hold “Shift” and right-click on the folder while you select the option of “Open Command Window”
  • Once you do, you will see the command window open with the directory you placed the “ADB” folder at.
  • Type “adb reboot bootloader”. Doing so will lead to rebooting of your device in the bootloader.
  • Once you are at the black screen with tiny text on the buttom saying: Fastboot Mode
  • Type “fastboot oem unlock” in the command window.
  • A message about voiding your warranty will come, press “Volume up” to continue.
  • Wait for the bootloader to get unlocked. And once it is done, turn off your device.
  • Power up the phone and boot into the OS.
  • Check if the device is working OK.
  • Now type “adb reboot bootloader” again to enter bootloader again.
  • Then type “fastboot flash recovery twrp_2.8.7.0.img”
  • Wait until the process is over.
  • Again turn off the device once you are done.
  • Power on the device and check again if it boots, if it does then boot into the TWRP recovery to check if that is installed right.
  • Power off the device and hold the”Volume Up and Power button”.

And if everything went right, you should boot into the TWRP recovery So, now you can use this to flash international ROMs of Flyme or any other custom ROM you like.

Updated TWRP 3.0 recovery for Meizu M2

Video Guide

Hope this article helps you, and if you have any question be sure to type them below.

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    1. video for the steps would be a little hard for now, tho i will look into it and try to create one to help the process.

    1. if your bootloader is not unlocked and you try to flash the custom recovery then you will lose the stock recovery but the device will still boot. Tho you wont be able to update and all as that require the recovery. And if you try to flash a ROM without unlocking the bootloader then you loose the Flyme ROM which is installed. So, if you get stuck with the first issue then follow this link :
      and if you get stuck with the other then go into recovery and flash the firmware of Flyme OS again. But i suggest you follow the steps to the ‘T’, nothing will go wrong.

  1. once i tried to install twrp with flashfy but it does not work my old stock recovery has not worked in meizu m2 mini

  2. yes you tried to flash without unlocking the bootloader because of which you have lost your stock recovery. Follow the link i have given up and get your stock recovery back as without it you cant go any further

    1. yes you can install the 4.5.4I and flash it….. and the risk of flashing twrp wrong is that you can lose the recovery or the ROM too if not done correctly.

  3. i get a “No such file or directory” message after i type “sh /sdcard/” please help me 🙁 i’m stuck in this step :((

    1. first, there is a space after sh… so check you are putting that space between the sh and directory. Next check if you placed the file inside the internal memory and not the sdcard. Also the file should be outside in the memory not in a specific folder as that would change the whole directory.

  4. hi sam bother i have unlocked my bootloader and im using cyanogen in meizu m2 mini thanks for helping me

    1. yes there are other ROMs too but they are just upgrades in the Flyme 5.0 OS….. so for now this is the only completely different ROM for M2 mini

  5. Done with the process but when I try to boot I get the message “the stock rom will replace twrp” im doomed.. please help me

  6. Hi SAM:

    i type “fastboot oem unlock” and i seen A message about voiding warranty will come… i press “Volume up” to continue… then i seen the black screen with tiny text on the middle saying:
    Volume Up for choose Volume Down for OK and 3 choice:
    1) Fastboot
    2) Recovery
    3) Normal
    i stock to this level and everything nothing work!
    How do I know the bootloader get unlocked؟؟؟ Then I turn off the mobile؟؟؟

    Please Help Me.

  7. i follow all steps but when i unlock boot loader and restart my meizue m2 it shows meizue and after that flyme shows for few second and it goes back to meizue on screen please help me

  8. i follow all steps but when i unlock boot loader and restart my meizue m2 it shows meizue and after that flyme shows for few second and it goes back to meizue on screen please help me

  9. At the “Type “fastboot oem unlock” in the command window.” step , the command window says : FAILED (remote : unkown command) finished. total time : 0,004s … any help???

  10. In Terminal Its Showing No Such File Or Directory…I Have Followed your steps and copied the file in the root directory

  11. Nikhil bhai ye Jo ki file h WO + twrp_2.8.7.0.IMG name k folder m h phle use us folder m se nikal kr SD card m bhar paste kr do air terminal app m type kro sh ka bad space h yad SE space dal dena varna yhi dikhayega mujhe nhi ye problem ayi this

    1. Yep. I have made it thanks for the reply. But i made by myself. Before u replying….. Hmmm anyway thanks for replying. Thank You..

    1. Wait a min did u disconnected ur mobile from PC/Laptop. If u disconnected it then try once again. It will solve ur problem. Thats it….

  12. guys i have been answering question from the beginning but after some time it became like a q&a section where there are question and answer so after i saw that many people are coming to the post, so i wanted to create a community based discussion where people help others not just me answering question…. so i apologize if my ways gives the idea about carelessness…

    1. We Do Understand…But Help Me Out Here 😀
      In Terminal Its Showing No Such File Or Directory…I Have Followed your steps and copied the file in the root directory and remeberd to have space after sh?Wt went wrong

      1. there are few things i would like you to check like if your adb drivers are working or not, then the file is placed in the internal memory not the sd card and if there is a sd card then take it off. Also place it out and not in any folder just outside. Also, when you launch the terminal check if you have root access, if not then it wont read the files in the memory

        1. yes bro as the actually steps require you to put the unlock bootloader file in the adb and then copy it from the command prompt to the device. But that does not work always so i took a easy way around as its easy for device to read files from its own internal memory. Also if you are not connected with the PC, you wont be able to move forward with the steps of entering fastboot mode

          1. Bro…My Device Is Detected on Pc:Drivers Succesfully Installed.
            Busy Box With Root AccessAnd Installed
            Super Su Working
            Terminal Working With Root Access..
            I Copied File Into Internal Memory Directly By Send To..its Showing The File.
            but in terminal yet its saying file or directory not found 🙁
            Help Me Out>???

  13. it is showing that “sh /sdcard/” is not found in terminal app. what should i do?? pls help ASAP

        1. I just happened to me! Why this happens in the last stage? I have done three times, but always in the process of booting up the phone stuck! Why???

  14. i push up the volume up and then the phone told select somthing then i poweroff the phone and now the phon not power up and do not start

    1. i received your email and understand your issue, but i want to ask this… did you install the custom recovery i.e TWRP after you unlocked the bootloader

  15. hi sir i have using cm12.1 rom in meizu m2 mini it nice working i need other roms like morshmallow updated plz make the roms

    1. – Wait for the bootloader to get unlocked. And once it is done, turn off your device.
      – Power up the phone and boot into the OS.
      – Check if the device is working OK.

      i stuck in first abov level… !
      and then when power off my phone and torned on again phone keeps on looping restart… !!!

  16. Mr. Sam,, i’m sorry in advance… i’m user of meizu m2 NOTE and very very enthusiast to apply custom recovery on my m2 note, i’m following your steps exactly until my bootloader unlocked. And after it is done, i turn off my device, Power up the phone trying to boot into the OS, and…. my device won’t wakeup anymore,,, not even for charging… hardbricked?? now i’m really sorry violating your warning… when i try to connect to pc it’s only showing “MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM10)”,, what can i do then,, is there any solution please?? Many many thanks in advance…

  17. hey in command after tying abd reboot bootloader in command prompt it is showing that no device found and my device is connected please help me

    1. first it is adb and not abd…. so try to write is correct if you are mistyping it. Then try to check the adb drivers if they are installed correctly. Once you install them type “adb devices” in the cmd to check if the phone is connected or not.

  18. i jus copied that word from this website and i have pressed enter in command prompt it is showing error

    1. i have one year warrenty for my meizu m2 mini which display is broken two days back can i give it service shop they will change it for free or service charges are appliied

    1. there have people who has made it work with the flyme os 5 and you will see that in the video i am using flyme os 5 but i would recommended to shift to flyme 4.5.4I…..

  19. Sam Please help me! I’m frustrated and don’t know what to do…
    after I unlocked my bootloader (and it worked) I had to choose from these three option:
    but I wasnt able to choose any of them so I did as you wrote: I shut down my device’ but now it wont turn back on! no matter what i try to do: pressing different combinations of the four buttons (volume up&down,shut down and home button) and connecting it to the computer, it wont turn back on…
    I followed all of the instructions and made sure I had everything clear…
    my device is meizu m2 note
    PLEASE! I beg you to help me!

    1. there is a warning written there saying the guide is for meizu m2 not m2 note….. you followed different steps and flashed things you shouldnt have…

  20. can you direct me to the warning? i cant seem to find it.
    but is there any way you (or anyone else for that matter) can help me?

  21. Hey guys I have a small issue about miui 7 rom on Meizu m2. I have installed Miui 7 rom on meizu m2 mini after that I have faced some bugs on the rom and now I nees to install cm12.1 rom but it’s not installing telling that error-7 can’t flash the zip file. And telling that this zip file for meilan2,m2 mini,not for m2 on twrp recovery. So now how can I install that rom pls help me out..

  22. Why not respond to comments?

    People will listen to you, but you’re not accountable to ensure that your word !!!

    i have exactly the problem daniel (☝) and my mobile is Meizu M2 Mini…

    after I unlocked my bootloader (and it worked) I had to choose from these three option:
    but I wasnt able to choose any of them, And at this stage does not fulfill any of the three options above … At this point I stopped and I … and I was enlightened when my cell phone off and got stuck in bootloop Mobile is frequently restarts…

    now i’m on the flyme

    Is there a way to unlock this version and install CyanogenMod there?

  23. Thanks a lot, Sam!

    I’ve unlocked Meizu M2 bootloader.

    However, some additional meddling had to be done.
    1) The step: “Wait for the bootloader to get unlocked. And once it is done, turn off your device.”
    After the step above, Meizu M2 may get into infinite bootloop (other people on russian forums confirm it).
    Try to boot recovery mode (catch the moment and press “volume up” button). Then choose flags “update”, “clear”, press retry several times – it will say “incorrect firmware/not found”, then leave only “clear” flag – and that should work. It will load into your clear 4.5.4I Flyme.

    2) Now you can install twrp_2.8.7.0.img – I suggest to use Flashify app (requires root privilegies – SuperSu will help).
    get Flashify here:
    Flashify easy to use – just install twrp_2.8.7.0.img as a recovery image.


  24. I beg u sam please help me.
    My meizu m2 is continues boot looping .

    What happens to my phone mother board udd gya kya bhai please btao ya haedbrick ya softbrick ho gya please btao..

    I beg u please

  25. my bootloader already unlock because i am ushing beta version 6.7.12 .i want flas twrp recovery in my meizu2 phone by flashyfy but the twrp recover in not installing properly

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