Solution: Lost the stock recovery of Meizu M1 Note

If for some reason you have bricked your M1 Note or you can not boot in the recovery mode, then you my friend have lost the stock recovery of your device. And as serious as this problem may seem, the solution for it is quite easy and short. A simple flashing of the recovery will solve that but remember you need a rooted device for this.

Solution Lost the stock recovery of Meizu M1 Note

WARNING: Flashing and root, both are things that can damage your device permanently. So, moving forward remember that……

 Here are the steps if you have no recovery at all:
  • Root your device if you haven’t or undone it. (use KingRoot for one click root)
  • Install Rashr or any other flashing app.
  • Download the stock recovery from here.
  • Go to “Recovery from Storage” and flash the recovery.img
  • And you are done.

There are other flashing app out there in the Play Store but we recommend using the Rashr as there have been reports about issues originating from using those. Also we will suggest to keep a copy of the recovery image on your internal memory always just for emergency.

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  1. sir i am using meizu m1 note but why its operating system is different. its launcher is apex instead of flyme

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