A look at Apple iOS 9

Apple is expected to reveal the next major iteration of their mobile OS early next month at WWDC. It can be iOS 9 codenamed “Monarch” or OS X 10.11 codenamed “Gala” but what we do know is that they are working on the lines of  “big focus on quality”, because of the numerous bugs that came up directly after launches of previous iOS and OS X. This is surely a good approach as no-one wants an unfinished OS during the launch.


This quality first approach makes the focus go on finer stability and polished OS before new features are added in them.

Some of the updates are:

  • Rootless: This is kernel level update for both iOS and OS X which will help in restriction of malware and protect the sensitive data. What’s more is that it will even prevent administrate from being able to access certain protected files on Apple devices which will make jailbreaking even more difficult.
  • iCloud Drive: This drive feature will make syncing with more secure. For now all the Apple devices use IMAP-based for syncing by using an iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo account. Apple plans to change this by introducing iCloud Drive, which will offer better encryption i.e. better security and faster syncing. All this will work by simply asking the user to make the change, so that the content can be moved from the IMAP server over to iCloud Drive.
  • Trusted Wi-Fi: This feature brings security on the WiFi side by allowing Apple devices to connect to authorized wireless routers like it used to, but would establish a more heavily encrypted wireless connection for non-trusted routers.
  • Older Device Support: Apple has a reputation of making users buy newer devices if they wanna use the latest OS but by working on older devices support there is a chance for Apple devices such as iPhone 4s and iPad mini to get the newer update (not with full features).

That rounds up most of the new features that you can look forward to with the introduction of new OS. We will get to know more about these features and even more in the WWDC event.

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