Github back from the cyber attack


GitHub has claimed to divert most of the traffic from an DDoS attack which lasted more than 4 days and caused partial outage of the site. According to the Wall Street Journal the attack might have been initiated in china.


A tweet from the official sources says:-

“Eighty seven hours in,our mitigation is deflecting most of the traffic. We’re aware of the intermittent outage issues and continue to adapt our response”

The attack was recognized as DDoS attack (Distributed denial of Service) which are the most common on the internet.The flooding traffic was originated from the Chinese search engine Baidu.

The attack was a sophisticated one which involved the use of unsuspecting users to flood github with large amounts of traffic.Though the clear intention of the attack was still not clear but guessing the nature it was assumed that the main focus of this attack was to force the removal of some content on the website itself.



Source :

the guardian

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