Google’s Android Wear coming to iPhone

Android wear

Yes , you read it correctly, Google’s Android Wear is coming to iPhone, but if and only if Apple allows it. At the time when Apple watch is about to go on sale on 24th, and Apple pushing and marketing its product. Its rival Google is working to make Android wear platform available for the iPhone. If Apple does permit it , it would put the Android wear smart watches directly in competition with the soon to be released Apple watch.

Android wear

According to The Verge’s sources in the Google development team that is working on the Android Wear for iPhone project, it would work as a companion app for the iPhone and would support functions like notifications, Google now’s ambient information card, voice search, and other voice actions. Also supporting features like replying to Gmail messages.

The bigger question here is that would Apple allow it, and face tougher competition? Apple also has a guideline by which it rejects any app that mentions the name of a rival or competition, and Android wear being called well… Android wear it may be rejected. Meanwhile Android Wear for Android will be getting updates like support for gestures and wifi in the near future

Written by our esteemed guest author Sanyam Raina.

Source :

The verge

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