Hello, a brand new app launched by Facebook

A brand new app has been launched by Facebook called Hello. The app has been launched for Android users only for now. So lets start with What is Hello? Well, its a dialer app for Android users. Hello is a combination of dialer with interface for viewing contacts, along with features of call blocking and search of people and places. If you are into business, the search feature is definitely beneficial for you as all you need to do is enter a few letters of the business which will directly connect you to the person if he/she happens to be on Facebook. The same thing works with your friends and co-workers.

The main feature about this app is that you can have a full fledged information of a person who calls you and doesn’t exist in your contact list. Facebook profile picture and some other details will be shown when the person calls you.
Last but not the least it offers a feature to block the spam users very easily. It also automatically blocks the users that have been blocked by many people. And since its a dialer app you can obviously add and edit the contacts. You can experience the new app by downloading it from Google Play Store (However it might not be available everywhere on earth yet!).

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FB Newsroom

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