Oh Yes! Apple Watch. Oh No! Swiss Watch

WatchApple has always conquered the market by their products and this time its, Apple’s Watches which have already taken over the Swiss Market. Export of the Swiss Watches has declined and according to the survey, Swiss Watch market has decreased by 9 percent between April and May.

It seems like luxury watch will face some very hard time in the coming days. Also in some reports, it has been mentioned that there will be a decline in the watch industry as the markets will flood with Apple and Android Watches, which will bring a big shift in the industry.

Hong Kong watch maker companies reported 34% decline in their consumers. Maybe the companies will start providing the luxury watches at an economical rate to fight these upcoming smartwatches. But if Apple, goes out of their way and launch a cheaper version of Apple Watches ( like it did with iPhone 5 by releases iPhone 5c) then it can bring some more trouble to some known watch companies

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