Providing support for Chrome for XP until 2015


Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP on April 8, 2014, which is like an year back but it still holds a market share of 16.94 percent till March 2015. That being said Google has decided to continue support for Chrome on XP till the end of 2015. Support in providing regular updates and security patches for Chrome on Windows XP. While Mark Larson, Director of Engineering, Google Chrome does encourage to update the OS by saying:

“This isn’t just a formality: computers running Windows XP haven’t received security patches in over a year and are facing a number of critical security vulnerabilities. At the operating system level, computers running XP are inherently in danger of being infected by malware and viruses, making it increasingly difficult for Chrome to provide a secure browsing environment. That’s why we strongly encourage everyone to update to a supported, secure operating system.”

It is a good news for all those people who have to use Windows XP in their workplace or institution but this surely wont last long. So what is your take on this? do share your ideas below in the comment section.

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