Samsung starts its latest ‘6 > 6’ campaign

Samsung is back on iPhone bashing videos where they showcase how their devices are better than Apple’s product and why should people prefer them over iPhone 6. And that’s what this latest ‘6 > 6’ campaign is about. Under this campaign, Samsung has released two videos showing what features iPhone 6 missed and are present in Galaxy 6 and Galaxy 6 Edge.

The first video shows how Galaxy 6 has wireless charging and can click wide angle shots while the iPhone 6,not so much. While the second one explains why the edge of Galaxy 6 Edge is a great feature and what it can do compared to iPhone 6.

Both videos end the same way by saying “if you do the maths, its clear 6(Galaxy 6) is better than 6(iPhone 6)”. Not sure if this is the best move from Samsung to promote its devices as these are company’s next round of commercials showcasing the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.

So what do you think? Is Galaxy 6 really better than iPhone 6?

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