Siri will be available for Mac users soon enough

Siri has been in iPhone for as long as we know but that is going to change this year as it seems that Apple will be taking a step ahead by introducing it in OS X also. The idea of introducing a personal assistant in the Mac OS X had been planned by the company, since 2012 but, its now that finally ready to be released in 2016.

Mac OS X 10.12, which will be releasing at WWDC this summer, and is rolling out in the fall, will features this addition Siri. Long term researches have been done on Mac OS X for integrating Siri as the number of functions it will be performing is just too many but its in the year 2016, that is stable enough to be released publicly.

Siri will be placed on the top-right side of the menu bar, which will make it very easily accessible and once you open Siri , you will see a transparent interface just like iOS with colourful sound notation waves. Siri will also get an option in the Mac System Preferences from where you can control what is accessible to it and what is not. Along with that there will be features like choosing a keyboard shortcut to activate it and using the”Hey Siri” command which people using the iOS will be familiar with.

How will the integration work and what other features will we see is something that needs to seen but all will be cleared up in the WWDC 2016 along with the release of OS X 10.12.


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