Smart Safe Opens only on meeting certain Goals

If you are one of those who lack the determination of completing your goals after starting it, or maybe you just started on a new diet and could’t keep yourself away from those delicious cookies. Say good bye too all those troubles as a new Smart safe known as kSafe is there to assist you.

This is not an ordinary safe,  as acclaimed by the developers it is equipped with technology which can help you track your goals before getting access to a certain object (say your Phone) placed inside it. This safe is shaped like a flour jar and will only open when your set goal is met.

The goals can be of various types, like fitness related goals requiring the user travel certain distance before opening.Other types of goal include the location based  challenges and third kind is time based goal which will cause the safe to open only after a certain amount of time has passed.

The method in which it works is quite simple the user has to place a certain object in it and then lock it using the app.Mind you even if you change your mind afterwards you wont get access to the object you have placed inside this safe.

You can potentially lock yourself away cigarettes, cookies, smartphone and tv remote as well.

The latest version from the developers takes it to the new heights, with a revamped design and a non-transparent body means whatever you have placed inside will remain private no matter what.

The people behind kSafe are looking forward to raise $50,000 on the crowd sourcing platform kickstater. If you pledge a small amount of $79 you can get the early bird discount. The shipping of devices for the early backers is supposed to start early this October.

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