Smartphone can now detect earthquake

Tried of hearing reports like- millions of lives came to an end because people were not aware about the upcoming earthquakes. Well now times have changed, as we can now be warned by the devices which rest in our pockets.
Yes, mobile phones can now save you from earthquake.Researchers have shown that it is possible to use GPS date from the smart phone to detect movements, temperature providing warning signals to those who are not aware of the hit. People can take shelter before the earthquake hits the location, as we know that warning before hand can make a major difference between death or alive.


Japan and Mexico already have such devices and technology distributed among people but, the cost of system, installation and maintenance is really a big question.
Earlier studies have proven that cellphone accelerometer and GPS tracker can easily track the location of the phone using satellites. Scientific GPS station have already been using such devices which can detect the earthquake, but the new study also found that the mobile phone GPS can also be used to detect the earthquake which is way cheap and cost effective way to use phone as a warning device.
Cellphone use a coarser method of positioning like the most sensitive scientists instruments does. The study found out that the accuracy of the cellphone GPS during the shaking and comparing it with recorded displacements with a more accurate scientific devices can give us information about the earthquakes.
Research further says that GPS can detect the magnitude 6.5 and above and provide the warning signals to the people located away from the epicenter of the most destructive quakes.
Studies are also going on in California about the how to make the GPS powerful enough so that the alert of earthquake could reach to all the people living in a particular area and to media, and work force so that immediate help can reach to all those people who are living in earth prone area.
US Geological Survey (USGS) are conducting more survey and research so that the less and less damage of the property and life could be there. They are also currently building a Shake Alert system along with the West Coast that would warn them about small and large earthquake hit.

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