The old Snake game of Nokia renewed as Snake Rewind

There was a time when there was no Angry Birds, Subway Surfer and Candy Crush Saga, that time was the era of old and rigid Nokia phones which came with Snake game which was the most popular game of its time. Well the created the original Snake game, Taneli Armento is back and this time teamed up with Rumilus Design to release the renewed version of Snake game named Snake Rewind on various platform.

The game would include the old features of the game with some addition on the table. The graphics are definitely worked on (which is kind of obvious) and it does come with a surprising feature of letting the person play even after the snake crashed.

rumilus_www_snake_small_01  rumilus_www_snake_small_02 rumilus_www_snake_small_04 rumilus_www_snake_small_05

Other features included the games are as follow:

  • Rewind the snake to continue the game even after crashing!
  • Many different types of special fruit, with unique powers and effects!
  • 10 levels with distinct visuals and music, unlocked by completing fun and challenging missions!
  • Fruit store where boosters and items can be upgraded and purchased, using fruit that you collect while playing!
  • Compete against other players for higher scores and rankings on the leaderboards, connect with friends on Facebook!
  • Fill the whole screen with the snake and find out what happens then!

So it would surely be something to see and may being some memories back for few people.

Snake Rewind will be available from May 14 on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile platforms.

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