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    Fedora Reader updated with new features and bug fixes

    The recently launched RSS reader app,Fedora Reader has been updated to version and is available for both platforms i.e Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. The new added features are : Can now pin a tile for individual feeds There’s now an “All” section to view all your feeds Articles are only cached for length set in […]

  • Windows
    Images of the Xiaomi Mi 4 running Windows 10

    Microsoft and Xiaomi have signed an agreement to make the Windows 10 compatible with the Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone i.e they are  thinking about offering custom ROMs for Android devices that would allow these phones to run Windows 10 with native Microsoft apps and Microsoft services. And Microsoft thinks Mi4 is the phone to start with.Following […]

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    Microsoft launched Windows 10 technical preview build 10041

    Its a good news for the users of the fast ring as Microsoft released the PC build of Windows Technical Preview. The build is given the number 10041.The build includes fixes for some issues experienced in build 9926 and some news features which were also rumored before the launch. Sadly, it doesn’t include the new Spartan browser but […]

  • Windows
    Free update to Windows 10

    Microsoft earlier said that it would provide free updates of Windows 10 to existing users who were using windows 8 and 7, but in a rather fascinating announcement made by a spoke’s person of Microsoft at WinHEC conference in China. Microsoft will be providing the update to all the users (in China) irrespective of whether […]

  • Windows
    Windows 10 preview

    In the public statement made by Terry Myerson, he confirmed that the upcoming windows would be indeed be called Windows 10 stating that the “Windows 9” doesn’t quite fits the image hence Windows 10. Well they have just released the developer preview version for the same and we’re going to show you the best features […]

  • Google
    Google Smell

    Some of you might remember the April fool’s prank Google had played on us, but this time the technology is legit. The latest patent filed by Google reveals an idea for a device which can be used to potentially sense the body odor and release fragrance which would leave you smelling like heaven! From the […]