HTC Nexus rumored to feature 3D Touch

3D touch was something that was introduced by Apply in its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus as both the smartphone had pressure-sensitive display but the feature wasn’t welcome by many users as the company would have wanted. The reason behind it could be the absence of the same feature for the […]

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Peer-to-peer payments added to Apple Pay

Apple soon will be integrating their new feature of peer-to-peer money transfer into the Apple Pay and this addition can be seen in play as soon as next year. Apple have already started collaborating with banks and financial institutes to make money transfer much easier with Apple device. Financial institutions like JPMorgan […]

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Top smartphones of 2015 that you can buy

Another year gone, more devices came packing bigger specs and more features. But which were the smartphones that stood out in 2015, which were the ones that can have the title of flagship. Because unlike the earlier times when only companies like Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC ruled the world, now […]

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