512MB RAM limitations on Windows 10

In the age where flagships comes with 4GB, a device with 512MB does not come near to meet their league but Microsoft did say that no device will be left behind when it comes to Window 10 i.e even Windows Phone devices having 512 will receive the update. But there will be limitations just like there were when it came to WP8.1, where many of the softwares or games were just not working on the half gig devices. Now we have a leaked document showing us what these devices are going to miss when they will receive the Windows 10 update.

512MB RAM limitations 1 512MB RAM limitations 2

These clearly state how apps will working slower or how only few apps can work in the background and the user will have to make peace with the “Resuming” screen. The HDR feature wont be that effective as in the devices with 8MP camera. Also how VoIP service that needs to run in the background will take much of the RAM and cant be as smooth as in other devices. But we can still look at the bright side that Microsoft is not going back on its word and not giving up seeing these issues. Limited features or not Windows 10 will make it to 512 MB RAM devices which is a good news indeed.

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