Background downloading coming to Windows 10 Mobile

Wouldn’t you love for your Microsoft Edge (renamed from Project Spartan) to just complete your downloads while you move around apps or just keep it in your pocket. Yes, i am talking about background downloading. And also yes it has been there in most common OS like Android and iOS but unfortunately Windows users never had it. But with Windows 10 coming up with all the new set of features, why not add that feature in the list.

Just like Ade Bateman, Microsoft Edge Program Manager said

We’re working on it but we’re not sure when it will be ready. Probably won’t be in the first release.

So we can expect the feature to come to the Windows 10 Mobile build. But not in the earlier build and since with the new OS, the browser can be updated as an app so we can expect the update to come later after the final build is out.

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