Cortana comes to iPhone, iPad and Android

Microsoft just released a video showing the new Phone Companion app coming to Windows 10 with which you can easily connect with your phone irrespective of which OS you are running, it may be iOS or Android.

In the video Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore clearly confirmed that Cortana is going cross-platform i.e would work throughout devices so the people can carry their data and settings from their PC to their smartphones. Cortana will be available as an app onto iPhone and Android devices which will help them to set reminders, ask questions and sync their pictures and music.

But Cortana is depended on Microsoft’s universal apps for working so for using its features, iPhone and Android users will have to install apps like OneDrive for syncing.

This feature will definitely make more people interested in Windows 10 and universal apps. There is nothing much about when it will be released and how deep the integration would be but this would definitely make Cortana be everywhere.

So stay tuned for further info.

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