Free update to Windows 10

Microsoft earlier said that it would provide free updates of Windows 10 to existing users who were using windows 8 and 7, but in a rather fascinating announcement made by a spoke’s person of Microsoft at WinHEC conference in China. Microsoft will be providing the update to all the users (in China) irrespective of whether they own a genuine version or not.


Now this is definitely going to cheer up some(well many) pirates who obtained their copies in a not so legal way, would too enjoy the features and luxuries of Windows 10. However we are not certain that whether Microsoft meant updates for software pirates in china or around the world. Some ambiguity also lies in the fact as to what does a “Qualified Pc” means…

In a strategic move Microsoft aims to reduce the software piracy in China where reportedly 90% of the people are still using pirated copies of the operating system. Microsoft has claimed that it was move to re-engage with the users of China, however nothing much was revealed except free software updates.



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