Hands-on Windows 10 for phone build 12534

There has been no word about when Windows 10 for phones build will be released but the leaks have not stopped by that. After the screenshots that were leaked a few days ago that shows new and improved contact and messaging apps, now we have found a video posted on the Chinese forums site WPXAP.com.

The video is just 360p but it does give a clear idea about the new Outlook email app, Project Spartan browser, contacts and new dialer. The audio seems to be in Chinese too, so until and unless you understand Chinese you can only watch. Some of the new features showed in the video:

  • New Contacts app design with circular avatar images
  • New and improved messaging app
  • New dialer with larger buttons and more options to find numbers
  • Outlook email app with built in Calendar (Calendar app is also improved)
  • Project Spartan browser

The new build does pack some new features and updated apps but we sure have no idea when this build or some other build will be released. From some of the previous news it seems it will be sooner than later and it will come on a larger number of devices too.

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