Hike messenger updated to improves loading time and brings new sticker packs


The Hike messenger got updated today with Hike saying “We are pretty sure we have broken the speed record with this update. ” This messenger which is gaining popularity in some parts because of its privacy with hidden mode and offline messaging and with based in India, it provides built in free hike to non-hike SMS i.e. even if the person living in India doesn’t have hike, you can still send messages to him. But the updates bring improved messenger loading time and new sticker pack.

Here is What’s New in the update:

  • Super Fast Loading of Messages: Have you ever experienced this? You receive a notification for a new hike message, you tap on it, hike opens, and then the waiting begins. Seconds seem like minutes. The message don’t immediately show up inside hike. If you can relate to this, then this update is specially made for you! We are super happy to announce that the wait is now officially over! You have to experience it to believe it. Trust us!
  • New Sticker Packs: To celebrate the above victory we are throwing in 7 new sticker packs! You will be happy to know that the new sticker shop is over 75% complete! The wait is just a little longer before you have all the stickers to choose from.

If you wanna try it, you can directly do that by going to the link provided in the source.

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