Images of the Xiaomi Mi 4 running Windows 10

Microsoft and Xiaomi have signed an agreement to make the Windows 10 compatible with the Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone i.e they are  thinking about offering custom ROMs for Android devices that would allow these phones to run Windows 10 with native Microsoft apps and Microsoft services. And Microsoft thinks Mi4 is the phone to start with.Following are some of the images which may give you an idea about how it will look like

mi-4-wp-640x1055gsmarena_001 Images-of-the-Xiaomi-Mi-4-running-Windows

For now Windows 10 Technical Preview is the one working on the Mi4. But this raises many questions like..Will this use the full capability of the Mi4? Does this mean we don’t need to buy Windows phone anymore as we can have the Windows experience on the Android phone?

Well these questions and many more have been given air by Microsoft but this is surely a step ahead by Microsoft in making Windows 10 available for all devices.Do share your opinion in the comments section below.


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