Leaked screenshots from the unreleased Windows 10 for phones shows new mobile version Excel

After missing the deadline of providing a build of Windows 10 for phones, which Microsoft promised would include the Office services, the company gives no word about when the new build will be out. The silence could be because they don’t wanna miss another deadline and disappoint the users but nothing can be said for sure.

Keeping that to rest, the new leaked screenshot of Windows 10 for phones gives an idea about how the new version of Excel would look on the phones.


The screenshots came from China-based ITHome. These show how the Excel will look and features like using formulas for the cell with the ability to which color and being able to copy, paste and cut with a touch on the cell. But we would really know more about it when it will come in the next build which could be this week from the rumors.

Stay tuned for more info.

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