Outlook Mail and Calendar get an update

In Windows 10, Outlook Mail and Calendar are integrated together i.e you can access both of them from one app. And because of the improvements in the Windows 10, now apps can be updated individually without updating the whole OS.

Outlook updated

The updated Outlook Mail comes with little modification like the top has the All Mail write along with Gmail instead of the Google and Inbox. The icons at the bottom has also been given a make over. And when you open the hamburger menu you get your id written at the top and also under settings you will find the background picture option.

Calendar updated

The Calendar is also given a makeover with bold text and more blue color. The date and day are in bold and on the top, dates are enclosed in a blue circle. And also the top has an arrow which when clicked shows the whole month. And just like in the Mail app the icons are a little changed to match the UI.

Two days ago, Microsoft released the build 10136 and now these updates, showing that the company is giving more attention to the Mobile version of Windows 10. But whatever be the case, we are happy to see these changes and expect more to come in the future.

Do share your views about the updates.

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