Windows 10 for phone build 10080 tested internally


More than 3 week since we had any word from Microsoft about the Windows 10 build for phones. And finally today Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul shared the progress in the phone build front by saying:

“10080 is the current candidate. Pushed to Microsoft ring yesterday. If it fares well, we’ll have a build this week.”

This was definitely a hope for a build which we may get soon in this week but just so that people don’t get their hopes up too much, he added a follow on message clearing the fact that it won’t come out today by saying:

” It takes a couple days to evaluate quality telemetry from Microsoft ring.”

This will be the next build after version number 10052 which came out without Office apps and many other features, if everything goes well with testing.

Phone build 10080 will surely bring some updated features like universal Office apps and further more will come on the devices, like Lumia Icon and the Lumia 930, which have been out of the loop in the Insider section.

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