Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136: Lumia 730

Two days ago, Fast ring users in the Insider Program were treated with Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136 which was released after a poll. It was having a update bug which made people using the previous build 10080 unable to update without rolling back to Windows 8.1. But Microsoft took a poll whether to release it or not. And of course people said yes after waiting for so long.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136 does come with some new features and improvements in various areas along with its fair share of bugs. But after setting Lumia 730 with the build, it worked smoother but still has the well expected lags. So lets go deeper into whats new in the build compared to the previous build.


Build 10136 1

The build contained a lot of UI changes from different icons to different sounds. The icons of the apps have changed and that include almost all the apps from People to Outlook Mail. Also now when you try to resize the tile on the homescreen you will see white icons instead of the transparent ones.

When you go on to the app list you will find that the search bar is now on the top permanently and not the usual search icon. The letters you use for quickly finding the apps are also bigger.


Build 10136 2

Notification bar looks different from earlier with newer icons and bigger area to press them. When you do try to change quick action in the settings, a white box appears next to the one you selected, showing all the options you can set. The text of the notifications are also reduced to fit more of them in the screen.


Build 10136 3

Now the UI changes are made in the landscape mode to make it easy for the user to operate their devices. The setting menu changes to a 2 icons per column instead of staying in the portrait position and if you are within a setting you will find yourself having a split screen which can be used from both hands.


Build 10136 4

Due to the bug, you will two phone apps in the app list, only one of which works. Not much changed in the app itself except now you will can see the pic of the contact in a circle next to its number. The options above are also more apart for easier access.


Build 10136 5

You get two messaging apps each for the two sims which can be linked into one if you wish to. The app itself does not carry the beta or alpha tag anymore with conversation title in bold (all the headings through out the OS are bold). But you still have the send feedback option if you want more features to be introduced into the app.


Build 10136 6

People app also got some changes like now you can add accounts to retrieve contacts directly from the app itself. The icon of the people app has also changed and now the contacts without any image attached to them will have a letter as a pic. The app in itself is still in alpha stage so we can expect some more changes along the way.


Now, the store is available in black background instead of the bright white. Earlier the store beta was a bit laggy and crashes many times but now it is much stable compared. Now you also get that download icon on the top next to the search icon where you can see how many apps are downloading or updating.



The photos app finally has the album option working. Now it creates albums according to the folders and shows them in horizontal layers. All images both in phone and OneDrive are arranged in folders and shown as album but you can redefine, to set it according to your choice.


Build 10136 9

  •  The options to create new mail, refresh, search etc. have moved to the bottom in Outlook Mail
  • Your location indicator has a new icon
  • Films & TV is now available in Videos app
  • New lockscreen

Build 10136 10

  • New icons for camera app too
  • Project Spartan (still not renamed as Microsoft Edge) has a black background now


Build 10136 11

  • Now under Network & Wireless you will find new Mobile & Sim settings with now the option to select from 3G or 3G only or 2G.
  • Under Update & Security, you will find a option for developers where you can activate the Developer mode
  • Under Devices settings, you will find Default Camera option where you can select which app to use as default camera app


wp_ss_20150617_0034The build is more stable compared to all the previous build with some nice changes and tweaks under the hood. It can be used as daily build but we have used it on Lumia 730, and other devices may work differently or may even lag enough that it cant be used on the primary phone.

Do share your ideas about the build or we have missed something.

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