Windows 10 preview

In the public statement made by Terry Myerson, he confirmed that the upcoming windows would be indeed be called Windows 10 stating that the “Windows 9” doesn’t quite fits the image hence Windows 10. Well they have just released the developer preview version for the same and we’re going to show you the best features shortly. Further information from sources claims that a customer preview might come early this year around April.

1.  The Start menu is back

The much loved start button of the windows which was missing in the earlier version has made a comeback with a refreshed look and additional features as well.

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2. Switching the tasks is now easier

Pressing the Alt+tab will now open up a revamped task switcher which enables to shift between tasks much easily.


3. Command prompt is upgraded

Remember typing those tedious commands into the command prompt screen since copying and paste wasn’t allowed, to our relief this is now supported in new version.

4. Continuum

For the 2 in one devices which supports on-the-go mode and a keyboard attached mode. It detects whether the keyboard is connected or not and accordingly the interface is changed allowing you to easily navigate the device in your preferred method

5. Apps

The windows has rebranded the apps for their platform as universal windows apps, since the windows 10 will be able to across a multitude of devices Microsoft would have a central app store which can be accessed by all the windows based devices.


6. Floating apps

Instead of switching to the app interface these apps will now “float” on the desktop. User can interact with that particular app and close it just like any other program. This approach of Microsoft is justified to remove the distinction between the Modern UI and Windows desktop approach.

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