Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10051: Lumia 730

A few days back Microsoft released the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10051 for phones and we gave our Lumia 730 a taste of the new OS and it worked “fine”. You do enjoy the few features but you also don’t wanna put it on your primary cell as it comes with many issues too. The new build came with some new features like better Outlook,  Calender, Project Spartan, few changes in the camera and so on.

Lets have a closer look that these features :


One of the main changes in the Windows 10 is the background. In the first build this feature was present but Lumia 730 had a bug which made it not possible to use this feature. So did anything change in this build???


It sure did…. Now you can change the background behind the tiles and the same background appears behind the screen where all the Apps are shown. You can also change the way you want the titles to appear i.e you can have different sizes of tiles but it doesn’t work in this build.


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The new Outlook and Calender apps makes their entrance in this build. And not only that they are integrated with each other. The Outlook comes with the much needed Word integration too that means now you can edit your emails, format them, add tables etc. While the Calender App which can seen in the down menu of the Outlook also received an over all change in interface.


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This build also include the new Maps App which is the combination of earlier Bing Maps and Here Maps. It is still in beta build but you have some options like different views, 3D view and compass. It works good for a beta version and was able to locate our position quickly enough.



Alpha version of People and Phone also joined for feedback in the build. People App does show the contact pic in a circle and not squares which was the way it was present in the previous Windows. And in the Phone App you have a new dailer with some significant changes in its UI.



Project Spartan also made its first appearance in the mobile build but its a really early build. But you can see where it is going and it seems to be on right track. The address bar has been moved up like many people wanted but if you don’t like it then you can provide feedback to Microsoft so they can know and they can change it, in the next build. It did take a lot of time to load our site but it is usable in a way. Next to URL bar you can see the reading mode and from down you can get further access to more option. All these are basic options so we need to wait for next build to see more features.


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We did notice some changes in interface too.Changes are as follow:

  • new Settings icons
  • new signal bars and battery bar
  • extended notification bar
  • background image present behind All Apps
  • camera app has new interface

Some of these were already there in the previous build and some are new but we included all for all those who are new. And yes in the notification bar you will see there are white and black line on both sides, that is something that is present there and we hope it wont be in the next build.



New alpha build of the Messaging App also made the list of changes in the build. Its pretty basic but cant say much about it except it is works fine and  waiting for more changes is all we can do.



Other new apps that made its way in this build are calculator and voice recorder. These do what their name says except calculator which also has a converter build in.




The build does bring many things on the table and we appreciate that Microsoft is giving us these kind of builds to keep us in the circle of development. And while giving us the option to give feedback so changes can be made as the things proceed.

Again the build is in early build and you dont wanna put it on your main or primary phone and if you wanna know why? you can follow this link to get more info.



We have tried the build on Lumia 730. So the build may respond different on different devices according to its hardware.

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