Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10080: Lumia 730

After making us wait for so long, Microsoft finally released the new build i.e Build 10080. It bring some new and interesting features on the table which we are going to talk in detail later in this post. But for starters it works smooth and works better than the older version. Sure it does come with some bugs of its own but that is something we were expecting. This build packs with the preview for the new Video, Music, Office, OneNote, and much more. So lets start…


Build 10080 1

The build finally brings you the option to chose from a larger set colors for your OS even tho you wont find all the colors but they are surely more than what were available earlier. For base, now you can select between dark and light with the option to select the background as tile or full. And not only that, you can chose how transparent you want the tiles which is surely a great addition. The spaces between the titles is also reduced with the addition of All Apps written before the arrow that directs towards the apps.


Build 10080 2

The new Store app is completely remodeled with white background (hoping in future we would get a choice between white and back) and tiny text making it display more things than earlier. All the previews available like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Video and Music have to be downloaded first from here before you can use them. The old Store is still available here but you can not download these previews from there. The Store is still in beta so it is slow and has some loss ends which needs some work.


Build 10080 3

The new Music app also has smaller text with better looking deign and all the feature that were present in the previous version. It follows the hamburger menu pattern of Windows 10 where you get the feature to search according to artist, album etc. You get option to search by name on the top which stays there even when you are playing a song. The pause, next and previous buttons are small in size making them a little hard to press.


Video Preview brings an added support for MKV files and now you can browse and play movies and TV shows you’ve purchased and rented from Xbox Video. And while playing them you can use media connect directly from there with added feature of zooming the video. It’s under development like the others but we can surely see some more improvements in future updates like offline playback of downloaded movies and videos.


Well universal apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Preview apps) are one of the most important updates that was being waited for so long and also promised by Microsoft. All of them are still in preview but we do get the idea where they are going with it. Here are some clips of how they look as their working is not something that needs explaining.

Build 10080 5


Build 10080 6


Build 10080 7


Again all of these are in preview so we can hope for further improvement as we come closer to the release of the final build.


Build 10080 8

  1. Now the Project Spartan (still not renamed as Microsoft Edge) has the tabs, hubs and other icons being shifted below the addition menu that pops up after tapping the dots.
  2. The prediction above the keyboard has smaller letters
  3. New Get started app
  4. Insider Hub is up and running

Well that rounds up most of the changes in the new Build 10080 which released this week. If we missed something or you wanna know more about the preview or have any questions about it, be sure to drop a comment below.

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